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Established in 1985, Tree & Timber, Inc. is a full-service landscaping firm featuring complete landscape design, construction and maintenance. Encompassing all of your landscaping needs, we focus on achieving client needs which in turn surpasses all of your initial expectations. Our site features photos, examples, and explanations, so that you as the customer can get an idea as to the variety of work we can provide for you. Every photo appearing on our site is a genuine Tree & Timber creation. To assist you better in navigating our site, we have provided tabs labeled with the appropriate section of interest. These tabs also serve as a menu of all the services that our complete landscape firm offers. Tree & Timber encourages you to take your time and look around, as you will discover that the possibilities are endless.

When we meet with a client for the first time, we work to create more than a business relationship. We look at every landscape as if it were to be our own. We want our landscapes to exhibit a balance of both elegance and function for our clients. The integrity of this philosophy will give clients a landscape that will last the test of time. Whether it’s a finish grade & seed / sod, hardscaping elements such as a brick patio or retaining wall, or an entire landscape installation, rest assured it will be designed to endure for a lifetime. We strategically design each and every landscape with hardscaping and landscape materials that complement your existing terrain while alleviating the possibility of unsightly results somewhere down the road.

We hope that you enjoy our site, and please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or fax for a free estimate on your next landscape improvement or upgrade.
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