Landscape Design

Design Fees: Generally the first thing potential clients want to know is how much does a landscape design cost. Our design fee is $35 per hour plus materials at cost. This fee is fully refundable on a prorate ‘percentage of total’ basis. For example, if we spend 8 hours creating a design, the cost will be $280 (8 hrs x $35 = $280). Assuming that the installation of the design is quoted at $2,500, if you choose to have Tree & Timber install the full design, we will credit you the entire $280. If you have us install half the project ($1,250), then we will credit you half of the cost of the design (50% of $280 = $140).

If you have a copy of a plat of survey or site plans showing the lot size with a ‘footprint’ of the house shown, please have this available for us when we make an initial visit, this saves us a considerable amount of design time, and in turn saves you money.

The hourly design rate includes the time to photograph and measure the property in addition to the actual design work. A typical design will include the following:

• A close to scale drawing of the home with the proposed beds, plants,            and hardscaping

• Plant specifications (e.g. bloom times, color, mature size, fall /                     seasonal interest, etc.

• Cost breakdowns for the individual plants and installation

• One or more digital concept photos showing the finished product (this           may not be possible in certain circumstances such as new construction when homes or additions are not yet completed)

Please contact us to make an appointment to determine your individual needs, and further discuss the cost of design services.

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