Our Company

Tree & Timber Inc. is a full service landscape design / build firm headquartered in the small north Illinois town of Richmond. Our area of service includes McHenry, Lake, Kane, Dupage, and Cook counties in Illinois, and Kenosha and Walworth counties in Wisconsin. Our services include nearly every aspect of landscaping from the very beginning ‘planning’ stage through completion of the total project and any subsequent maintenance requirements.

Our History

In business since 1985, Tree & Timber has grown almost entirely by ‘word of mouth’. As the name would seem to imply, Tree & Timber started in business by providing tree cutting services and construction of timber retaining walls and decks. Soon after, we added stone seawalls доставка правильного питания, grading and excavation, and exterior architectural ornamentation to our list of services. Timber retaining walls were replaced with the introduction of concrete segmented retaining walls, and it wasn’t long before brick paver work became an integral part of our company.

In 1992, we began to plant trees and shrubs, and replaced the carpentry end of the business with ‘hardscaping’, a term used to describe the construction of stone, brick, and block landscape elements. Customers who were buying new construction homes could now count on us to provide all their landscaping needs, from the finish grade and seed or sod, through the establishment of the complete landscape. After a few years of study in horticulture, architecture and drafting, landscape design was added to our growing list of services. Water features such as ponds, pools and fountains have become very popular as homeowners seek to create their own private sanctuaries where the sound and movement of water provide a very soothing element to the landscape. Some hobbyists enjoy the fun of raising beautiful Koi or discovering the exotic nature of water plants. Whatever the reasons, this part of our business continues to grow steadily.

As a natural progressive move, Tree & Timber began our own nursery in 2001 where we now grow trees and shrubs of many varieties for use in our landscapes. This has enabled us to control the quality of some of our plantings, and given us an additional competitive edge to the rising cost of landscape materials.
New for 2003 was the addition of landscape lighting to the line-up. Whether it is low voltage or standard 110 volt systems, we insist on using only the highest quality fixtures and materials for our installations.
Our Mission Statement
Our ultimate goal is to develop long lasting relationships with our clients, their families, and friends. We achieve this goal consistently through personal attention to individual needs and desires, quality workmanship and materials, and a level of ongoing support and trust that exceeds the vast majority of our clients’ expectations. Most often this goal is reached by simply ensuring that 3 things occur:

1) Deliver what we said we would,
2) When we said we would,
3) For the amount we quoted.

Our Promise

Regardless of the size or type of work you hire us to do, we will do our very best to ensure your complete 100% satisfaction. We promise to use only the highest quality materials and install them correctly. We promise to make good on all our guarantees and provide you with support long past the warrantee period.

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