It is our company’s policy to use only the highest quality materials in our landscapes. In doing so, we can confidently stand behind our workmanship knowing that the products we use will stand the test of time. Along with using the finest materials currently available, we spend a great deal of time researching and testing new products that seem to be готовая еда logical improvements to existing ‘tried and true’ products, and not just ‘new gimmicks’. To a great degree, this means dealing with established manufactures who stand behind their products with long guarantee periods (often lifetime), and those that have reliable customer service and shipping departments. Continuing education and periodic seminars are extremely important as well to ensure that our own staff can keep up with the latest and best installation techniques, and a chance to experience ‘hands-on’ demonstrations with the industries most knowledgeable people. Typically, our staff job supervisors attend several of these seminars throughout the course of the year, most of which occur during the winter months when we aren’t quite so busy.

Our plant selection process is equally important in completing a beautiful, functional, and long lived landscape for our clients. Throughout the season we travel to individual nurseries within our region to personally select those growers that have the healthiest, best looking, pest free plants available. Often we will tag stock to reserve particular plants for use later, knowing that we can wait for the ideal time to have them dug for transplanting into your landscape. Many trees and shrubs are grown in our own nursery for our personal use, giving us even greater control of quality and handling.
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