Tree & Timber restores and protects the shorelines of lakes, ponds, streams and other bodies of water requiring such work. We install natural stone seawalls, where appropriate, to protect shorelines from erosion, beautify the landscape, and ensure that certain wildlife (frogs, turtles, ducks, etc.) can continue to go from the water to the land as needed. Stone seawalls have the added benefit of breaking up incoming waves, virtually eliminating the ‘echo wave’ problem of traditional steel and concrete seawalls. Echo waves further contribute to the instability and erosion of other less protected shoreline areas, in turn clouding water with soil and debris and causing excessive solar heating, killing off plants and fish. Lastly, stone seawalls are typically half or less the price of other seawalls, and being landscapers, we ensure that every jobsite is fully restored, and that homeowners are never left with the additional headache and expense of further clean-up.

Some shorelines are better served by simply re-grading and removing excess material, and re-planting with the correct native vegetation. This is known as ‘naturalizing’ a shoreline. Naturalizing shorelines may not be possible on some bodies of water due to excessive recreational use, yearly scouring of ice flows, or frequent water depth changes.
Most of the latter will require the installation of some sort of interim protection such as erosion control fabric on the shoreline and / or wave suppressor measures in the water to protect the exposed shoreline until the plantings have a chance to firmly take root and establish themselves. Often a combination of both stone and plantings can prove most effective and desirable. Each project needs to be carefully evaluated to determine the best fit for the customer and most effective, long lasting solution.

Tree & Timber has been chosen and contracted by the Wisconsin Departmentof Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Camp and Center Lakes Rehabilitation District, and others for our knowledge and meticulous attention to detail in our work. We have carried out experimental shoreline restoration work for these agencies with great success, and continue to aid with further projects. Their continued confidence and referrals, along with the referrals of our other valued customers, is testament to our dedication to a job well done.
We work closely with agencies such as The Department of Natural Resources, Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, and other local governing bodies (Building and Zoning, Storm Water Management, etc.), to ensure the proper local requirements are followed since most bodies of water are considered public, and improperly installed projects can cause additional problems later (flooding, etc.).

To obtain a quote for your project, please contact us and we’ll be happy to meet with you on site to assess your individual needs.

Shoreline GradingShoreline GradingNaturalized Shoreline, Lake VillaNaturalized Shoreline, Lake VillaNaturalized Shoreline, Lake Villa
Galena Stone Shoreline
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