Trees and Shrubs

Tree & Timber hand picks all the trees & shrubs that go into our landscapes based on specified size, appearance, and the ‘artistic impression’ we are trying to create. There is no single picture of a particular plant that will thoroughly convey this ‘vision’, so when viewing plants at garden centers and websites, one should look for the basic form and characteristics instead of an exact duplicate. In other words, if we specify a plant in your landscape, and you see a picture of this plant that you don’t like, please allow us to explain our choice семейная ипотека условия and perhaps show you a more accurate form of that plant. Understand that plants are much like anything living, each is individual and can be manipulated to represent slightly different forms. The plantings in your landscape were chosen for many different reasons including ultimate mature size, bloom time and flower color, sunlight and maintenance requirements, site conditions, foliage texture and seasonal color, etc.

One more very important point that needs to be addressed is the confusion caused by multiple plants in the same ‘family’. Think of this as if you were told that your new family dog was to be a Labrador retriever, and when you looked up ‘dog’, the only dogs shown were Terriers and Poodles. Surely someone has made a mistake! It’s not at all what you wanted or pictured. Now say we specified an Ivory Halo dogwood (a shrub about 6’ fully grown), and you found a picture of a Pagoda dogwood (an intermediate tree about 25’ fully grown), you get the idea... 

The links below are websites containing pictures of different plants that may be specified in your landscape. These large libraries of pictures can give you a better idea of a particular plants habits and form. These are among the most informative and easy to use on the web, and we hope you find them useful!
Midwest Landscape Plants
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